Sprinkler System PAGE 38.

April 22 2017:  The third zone of the sprinkler system is on the west side of the house and extends to the back of the lot.  There are FOUR of these oscillating sprayers in this zone.  A pop-up oscillating sprayer is located outside of the master bedroom as shown here.  I used my pruning shear to mark the spot for this photo.

This close-up photo shows how well hidden this sprayer is when not in use.  You can see the sand where I dug down a bit to reveal the head assembly.  This sprayer works very well.

Here is the view of the sprinkler above in action.  It has good water pressure and range of coverage.

This image has a sprayer located near the edge of the lot at the bottom of this photo.  It is lined up with the corner of the Florida Room.  A week stream of water comes from this unit, but it still pans left and right.  A short palm tree and the philodendrons are to the left of this photo below.

Here is a close up view.  I did not know this one was here until I turned on this sprinkler zone.  This area was in the shade of the big tree until it was cut down a few years ago.  The grass struggles here in the dry season, call it almost non-existent until it rains.  If I can clean this nozzle to get it to spray stronger, it could reach a short palm tree that is located at the edge of the philodendrons.  There is another sprayer out by the cable TV equipment box at the northwest corner of the lot.  That one has a 90-degree coverage area for grass and the other part of the philodendrons.  Another 180-degree sprayer is about mid-way across the northern property line behind the house.  It is tied in with the other sprayers seen here and above on this page.

This is all the water it puts out for now.  Maybe some disassembly and cleaning will do the trick.  There could be some debris in the vertical pipe to this sprinkler head.  It does rotate even with this low water pressure.

This sprayer out near the cable TV equipment enclosure is in the same zone as the previous two locations.  This one is near the northwest corner of the property and limited to a 90-degree coverage area.

There is one sprayer near the center of the back edge of the property.  It has 180 degrees of coverage.  In this image it is mid-sweep pointed to the big oak tree near the Florida Room.

Here is a close-up view of the sprayer seen in the image above.  Some of the soil from the black sod has been removed to be sure the unit pops up and goes down easily.  This is the last sprinkler in the group of FOUR that begins at the master bedroom window on the west side of the house.

When you stand at the corner of the Florida Room, there is a sprayer there that is partially blocked by a flowering bush close to it.  It is part of a group of four sprayers in the back yard area all the way across to the golf course drainage area.

Here is a view of that sprayer from the north side of the bush looking south.  The bush on the right blocks the sprayer toward the "weak" sprayer shown in earlier photos above.  I sat in a chair in the back yard and watched the coverage area of this sprinkler when I was adding to my sketch of the system.  The spray from this location goes out 15 to 20 feet where it is not blocked by the bush seen in the right half of this photo below.  It covers part of the philodendrons in the northwest corner of the property.  It comes around to the big tree north of the Florida room and patio.  At the end of the patio near the guest bedroom, there is a fixed shrubbery sprayer located at that corner of the house that is also a part of this zone.

Here is a view from the nearby oak tree looking southwest toward the sprinkler seen in the image above.  The water is coming toward the camera location.

This rotating sprayer has good coverage to the north and west until it gets blocked by the bush that was planted well after the sprinkler system was installed.

Here is the result of the water hitting the bush and not really going anywhere useful.

The pop-up sprayer near the patio area is visible in this image.

At the northeast corner of the house, there is the largest of all the pop-up sprayers that has a 20-foot reach over a 270-degree coverage area that extends around the East side of the house.

Here is a close-up view of the sprayer seen above.  The spray from this location sprays westward across the north side of the house and sweeps slowly around to the East side of the house before it quickly returns to spraying westward.  The total coverage is a 270-degree arc.

This is how the big pop-up sprinkler looks from the back yard area just north of the patio.  The big yellow line approximates the coverage area.

Another view of the same sprinkler with the water stream pointing West.

And the last of the sprinklers in this zone is near the big drainage ditch and culvert that runs under the area near the golf course maintenance road on the East side of the property.  This one also has a 180-degree coverage pattern.  The western edge of this sprinkler overlaps the 270-degree sprinkler in the images above at the NE corner of the house.