The Big Tree Removal PAGE 13.

August 25, 2014: The large tree removal moves along as a large limb is about to be rigged with ropes before cutting.  One rope will hold the weight of the limb, and a second rope will be used as a tag line to control the movement as the big limb is lowered.  The rope seen in this photo is the one that will lower the limb.
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The first rope is wrapped around the big tree trunk before the full weight of the limb to be cut has to be controlled.
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This photo shows the first rope seen in the photo above stretched to the top of the tree where Ed will get both ropes ready, then cut the limb with a chain saw.  The second rope is hanging from the lift platform.
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The second rope gets wrapped around a tree in the front yard next door.   This is standard procedure for the big heavy limbs to keep them under control.
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Both ropes are ready, let the cutting begin.
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Down comes the next limb.
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Keeping it off the roof is an important part of the job.  This is teamwork at its best.  Ed calls the shots, and everyone else has their job to keep things moving smoothly.
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The lift is also being used to guide this limb on the way down to the ground.
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This photo shows just how LONG this big limb is as the first branches get down to the ground.  The ropes are holding it upside down here.
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At this point, just grab smaller limbs and pull the thing away from the house.
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As the limbs are cut away, the whole thing is lowered closer to the ground.
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Finally the big limb is on the ground for the final cuts to manageable pieces by weight and size for disposal.
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This close-up photo shows how the ropes were rigged in the tree to lower that big limb to the ground.
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This will be a slow, yet safe process as each step is carefully considered then performed.
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Here is the next big branch coming down with the hydraulic lift guiding this one to keep it off the house next door.
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