The Big Tree Outside PAGE 7.

July 11, 2014: The large tree that is rooted outside the master bedroom window was trimmed of a number of limbs that grew over the top of this house when the new owners purchased the property.  There are still a few limbs that grow westward over the house next door.  The one I have pointed out in the photo is very low over their roof.  I took this photo standing on the sidewalk in front of the house next door.
DSCW0746A.JPG (455973 bytes)

Here is another view of the low-hanging limb as seen from outside my Florida Room.  Most of that limb is dead.
DSCW0747A.jpg (409248 bytes)

July 29, 2014: One contractor came by and cut that tree limb and put the remains on the street.  You can see this was a Tuesday, garbage day and the tree was removed as yard waste by the end of the day.
DSCW0762.JPG (395321 bytes)

Here is how the tree looked that day after the limb was removed.  All that needed to be removed had not been completed.
DSCW0764.JPG (503506 bytes)

July 31, 2014: A second tree crew came to finish up the work on our tree over there, and working for the owner of that property, they removed limbs from their trees also.  Two men are on the roof and one is up in the tree with a chain saw.  The guys on the roof are lowering the cut limbs with ropes.   They came with a bigger truck and an open top trailer to carry away the limbs cut today rather than leave them on the side of the street.  The RED markings were added to the photo on August 16, 2014 after the meeting and conference call.  These are the two BIG limbs that are over the top of the house next door.
DSCW0765B.JPG (555009 bytes)

August 5, 2014:  I went next door to get some better photos showing how "our tree" had been trimmed by the crew seen in the photo above.  The RED markings were added to the photo on August 16, 2014 after the meeting and conference call.  These are the two BIG limbs that are over the top of the house next door.
DSCW0775B.JPG (373592 bytes)

Here is a photo taken further back from the neighbor's drive way showing more of the work area.
DSCW0776.JPG (356846 bytes)

Here is another drive way photo showing the changes to their trees.  There are no more low-hanging limbs from any trees over their house.
DSCW0777.JPG (365598 bytes)

The view of the tree from our side shows where the limbs have been removed just above where the yellow line ends.  That part of the trunk continues toward the street and upward over the front yard next door.
DSCW0780A.jpg (492108 bytes)

Here is another view of the tree taken from just outside at the west side of the Florida Room.  The limb that heads toward the street is clearly visible at the top center of this photo, .  The large cut on the left closer to the ground is the portion of the tree removed when the house was bought by the present owners to protect it from storms and hurricanes.  This was one part of the tree that was directly over our house.
DSCW0786.JPG (442534 bytes)

I went up on the abandoned putting green behind my house to get this photo showing the "big picture" looking toward the street.  The house next door is almost completely obscured by the plants in the bottom right corner of the photo.   The top of their roof is visible between their tree trunks that grow from their back yard.
DSCW0774.JPG (469955 bytes)

The photo below is a closer view of the plants seen at the bottom right corner in the photo above.  I have trimmed the low-hanging fronds on the left while the normal pattern is for these to grow outward and lay on the ground.  It makes a good hiding place for small animals including the two raccoons we have seen that were eating out of garbage cans, including ours.  We trapped one smaller raccoon and relocated it to the next county to the west across the Saint Johns River.
DSCW0781.JPG (464643 bytes)

August 18, 2014: I have been looking back at Google Earth photos of the house when they drove down our street in June 2011.  The following photos show the BIG TREE before any work was done.  I centered the view of the tree on this photo before I captured it.   The gray "BAR" at the bottom center of the photo is the 30 MPH street sign seen "edge on" from the Google car driving by taking these photos.
1351_June2011_A.jpg (329767 bytes)

Here is a photo showing the center of the house from the street.  Take note of the amount of shadow on the roof from the trees.  The shrubs show how much they were maintained in 2011 compared to the size seen in my photos on page 1 of this series of web pages.
1351_June2011_B.jpg (278705 bytes)

This view from the southeast corner of the lot gives some detail of the east side of the house.
1351_June2011_C.jpg (266520 bytes)