Florida Room and vertical blinds PAGE 5.

December 3, 2013: The door to the Florida Room comes from the den area where we have our dining table.  We have collected some furniture for the patio and the Florida Room.
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Here is the view looking through the sliding door from the family room west of the kitchen.  It shows the kind of vertical blinds inside the house and they are in good shape.  They are white on one side...
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... and beige on the other side to be similar to the color of the walls in this part of the house.
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The vertical blinds in the Florida Room are thicker, longer, heavier, and have been here for a long time.  Two of the FIVE sets of these blinds are broken and will not move easily if at all.  These are white fabric on one side and beige on the edge.
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The other side of these verticals that face the outside are white plastic.  This two-ply design is what makes these heavy.
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February 6, 2014:  The replacement blinds have been installed and they work great, they are lighter than the old two-ply blinds that were removed.  The mechanical rails are all brand new as are the cords used to open and close them.   This is the new set at the west end of the room that open from the middle.  The original blinds down here opened from one side pulling toward the main house when open.
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Here is the blind at the northwest corner of the room.  All four sets of blinds on the north wall  cover a sliding door.  The vary in width by an inch or so to match each sliding door dimensions and the aluminum space between them.
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This second set of blinds is open to show the shrubbery outside near the patio made from square paver stones.
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This photo shows the last two of four sets of blinds in the room near the back part of the house with the green wall.  The cushions stacked in the corner are for the outdoor patio chairs.  One of those chairs is visible in the photo above.  The Florida Room is not air conditioned.  With all four sliding doors opened and the screens pulled in place to cover the open doors, it can be nice in here on a cool day.
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As the household handy man, I get to do the usual chores.  The refridgerator has through-the-door ice delivery and fresh chilled water.  The wife noticed the dirt behind the ice guide.  I sat down in a folding chair in front of the freezer door to find this stuff.  I loosened the two clips that hold the ice guide in place and was able to clean out the "gunk" with my pocket screwdriver and an alcohol cotton swab.  When I snapped the guide back in its normal place, it was loose.  Eventually the guide was replaced by a new one which literally was a "snap" to install.  I could see why it had been loose when I got the old one off and in my hands.
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