August 23, 2013: The time stamps of my personal photos on this page are all from August 23, 2013.  This four-bedroom, two-car garage property is just right for our family.  The driveway is big enough to park SIX cars.  The large oak trees are everywhere.  My wife found the listing this morning on the Craig's List web site.  We have been looking at a number of places to live for the past few months.  When I saw this listing on Craig's List, I looked at the address on Google Earth from the aerial photos which showed the driveway and the oak trees surrounding the house.  The house was built in 1972.   She resisted coming this far south to look at a house.  We had looked at one house even further south than where this one is located.  She was determined not to like this place until we started driving down the street from the west.  When she got inside, she started warming to the features of this house and the rest is history.  We live here now!
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Here are the views I saw from Google Earth the morning before we came to look at the house.  This first one is from February 2, 2013.  There is a real estate sign at the southeast corner of the lot.  Look how dry the trees appear over the front of the house and on the west side (left).  The Florida room roof has plenty of dead leaves on it.
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Google Earth has multiple aerial views from the past.  This one is from October 30, 2006.  The trees in front and on the west side are much healthier in this older photo.
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This Google Earth street view is the same as the day I first looked at it.   This got me headed here as soon as I saw it.  We had been looking for a place with a big driveway and here it is!  That closed street you see at the right of the photo previously went to the maintenance shed of the golf course behind the house.  It has been closed for several years now.  Bicycle riders and joggers use the cart paths for exercise. 
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I stood across the street to take this photo of the front of the house.
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This is the west side of the house where the master bedroom is located.  A glassed-in Florida room is at the back of the house.
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This is the view of the living room at the front of the house facing south.  The front door is to the left of my camera location.
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Looking north from the front door is this short hallway with the pantry on the left behind those bi-fold closet doors.  Access from the garage is via the door at the right side of this photo.  We only use the front door to collect the mail and any package deliveries.  My wife is checking the cell phone coverage in the den and dining area.  Those lights over her head had to be raised to keep her very tall son from bumping into them.  The laminated wood flooring runs from the front door into the dining area adjacent to the kitchen counter where my wife is sitting.
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This is the view looking from the garage into the hallway and the pantry.   Putting away groceries is easier since we come and go via the garage.  This photo was taken November 24, 2013.
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Let's continue with the photos from August 23, 2013.  I stood in the southwest corner of the living room seen in the second photo above to take this shot looking toward the kitchen and the sliding glass door to the Florida room.  That light hanging down is the right height if you have a game table there for playing cards.   We had to raise that one all the way up also.  This room has approximately 440 square feet of carpet.
DSCW0515.JPG (188796 bytes)

This is the southwest corner of the master bedroom taken from near the entry door from the family room and that hanging light seen in the photo above..   A sliding glass door to the Florida Room is located out of this photo and to my right.   This is the only bedroom with carpet on the floor.
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One of two walk-in closets form a passage way to the master bathroom.  The closet I use on the right side just out of this photo.
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I took this photo from the vanity looking west to the tub with shower adjacent to my closet behind the light switches are the right side of the photo.  There is a standup shower on the left of this tub not seen in this photo.  The light switch at the very left edge of this photo turns on the overhead light in the tiled shower.
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